Why You Should Change to Nutrient Rich Carbs

Nutrient rich carbs


So ice cream and chocolate cake are your worst enemies when trying to lose weight without a doubt, but you would also think the same from rice, bread and pasta.

A lot of people think that carbs are totally off limits when trying to diet and because of this they have gathered a rather bad reputation, but the truth is you need carbs.

If you don’t get enough of them you won’t be able to concentrate on your day to day jobs, you will feel lethargic and worst of all moody and these will not help if you are trying to diet.


Carbohydrates: Refined vs. Nutrient Rich

Let’s start with the difference between the two.

Refined carbs are the ones that you want to try and avoid where possible as they are the ones that are bad for the body.

The reason they are bad is because they have no nutritional value.

You will notice when you eat these that you get short or temporary bursts of energy (similarly when you eat sweets!) and this is because the body breaks them down very quickly.

After your burst of energy ends you will feel sleepy and sluggish and you will be back to being hungry real quick.

Refined carbs are foods such as sugar, white pasta, white bread, cakes and cookies.

Nutrient rich carbs are the types you want to go for.

They are full of vitamins and minerals and fibre and the body absorbs them a lot slower therefore leaving you feeling fuller for longer without that short burst of energy that you get with refined carbs.

Nutrient rich carbs are things like beans, whole grain products, fruits and vegetables.

Let’s look into the idea that eating nutrient rich carbs can actually help you lose weight and be super good for you.

Losing Weight with Complex Carbs: Is it Possible?

We all know that losing weight is primarily based on your calorie intake.

If you are eating more than what you are burning off you are going to put on weight. These complex carbs are filling, therefore once you have eaten some for breakfast you are less likely to want to snack on things before lunchtime.

This alone will help in your weight loss.

Portion size plays a big part in dieting and because carbs contain quite a lot of calories, it is quite easy to over eat on them.

The best thing to do is try and stick to a tennis ball size portion of these, and then pile the rest of your plate with low calorie nutrient rich foods like lean meat and leafy vegetables.

The worst thing you can do is deprive your body of carbs because your body will crave them telling you that it is desperate for further energy.

If you do not allow yourself any carbs you’re more likely to binge and fail at what you are trying to achieve.

Nutrient rich carbs act as energy for the body so it’s not wise to deny yourself of this food group completely.

Complex carbs are known to fight disease. Healthy carbs are the greatest way to keep your blood sugar under control and evade the risk of diabetes and obesity.

People that eat 3 portions of whole grain products are 30% less likely to develop type 2 diabetes.

Phytochemicals are present in nutrient rich carbs which also means they aid the body in fighting heart disease, certain cancers and digestive problems.

In conclusion, it is not all carbs that are bad for you.

Yes the refined carbs mentioned above such as sweets and pastas etc should be avoided where possible, mainly because they don’t do a lot of good for the body.

“As part of a wholesome diet, eating nutrient rich carbs are a great way to fight disease, fuel the body and maintain weight so go right ahead and stock up on those carbs they’re not so bad for you after all!”



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