What’s the Best Birth Control Methods?

Birth control method


There are more birth control contraceptives on the market today than ever before.

You have a choice of what’s most convenient for you as well as what works best for your body. One of the most popular forms of contraception is the pill that you take daily.

On the list of pros for the pill is that it’s inexpensive and an easy form of contraception.

One of the main cons for using the pill is that you can still get an STD while using it, if that’s all the protection you bring.

Some women prefer to use the patch rather than take the pill. The patch is also inexpensive and it’s easy to get a prescription for it from your doctor. This works similar to the way the pill does to prevent pregnancy.

You use the patch for 21 days and then you won’t use it for 7 days. Like the pill, it also won’t protect against getting an STD. For even greater convenience, some women prefer to get a shot of progestin, which is effective in preventing pregnancy.

This is an effective method that women have to repeat four times a year, so it’s pretty convenient. Like the pill and the patch, however, it won’t protect against STDs. A diaphragm, when used with a spermicide, can keep a pregnancy from occurring.

The upside of this method is that it’s long lasting and without side effects. The downside is that it has to be fitted correctly and it also will not prevent you from getting a sexually transmitted disease.

Female condoms are rising in popularity because they’re easy to get. You don’t have to go to the doctor to buy them. This method is effective against sexually transmitted diseases, which is another reason they’re popular.

There are some other forms of contraceptives that are practiced but do have a higher fail rate against unplanned pregnancies. Those are the counting days method, the sponge and spermacides used without any other method.

Besides birth control pills, male condoms are the next most popular method of preventing pregnancy. Condoms are also good for protecting both partners against getting an STD. They’re easy and inexpensive to get.

A promising new option is on the horizon for men in the form of male birth control pills.

These pills work by using hormones to stop the man from producing sperm. Yet the pill will have no effect on sexual performance.

Many men like the idea of being able to engage in sex without the worry about getting a partner pregnant.


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