Want to Know the Real Causes of Belly Fat?

Causes of belly fat


Research has shown that those people who carry fat throughout their body are 50% less likely to die, than those that carry more fat around their stomach or central areas.

The reason for this is because visceral fat (belly fat) is one of the most dangerous types of fat that you can carry.

What causes fat to build up in your belly and around your organs?

Like mother like daughter! One indicator is hereditary tendencies. You are more likely to carry fat in the same places as your parents. I.E if your mother carried a lot of weight in her thighs, you are likely to follow suit.

Also, after menopause, a lot of women will gain fat deposits around their belly due to the reduction in estrogen production.

It is this reduction that may also be why cortisol levels go up.

It has been noted that you can still be of a normal weight, but still have visceral fat.

This can put you at risk of diabetes, inflammatory based infections and also heart disease.

However, doctors have recognized ways of decreasing visceral fat that point to some of the causes.

If you experience fear, stress, are exercising or fasting and eating, Cortisol is a hormone that is released.

This is produced in the adrenal glands and is a hormone that is produced when any of the above is experienced by the body.

It regulates energy levels by choosing foods that your body will use for energy.

If you are feeling stressed it can provide your body with protein for energy and it also activates your fat deposits.

If you are going through a stressful period of time, Cortisol will boost the deposits of fat in your abdomen.

If you have a low sex drive, insomnia, bowel symptoms (IBS) colds and ulcers, these are signs that your Cortisol levels maybe too high.

At a cellular level, fat tissue has a specific enzyme which is in control of transforming inactive cortisone to active cortisol.

The gene for this enzyme is conveyed in all different ways in people and is responsible for the higher deposits of belly fat in those that are regularly stressed.

Insulin can also be the reason for more deposits of fat around the belly.

“High carb diets, high consumption of alcohol, lack of exercise, sugary drinks all create a spike in the release of insulin, thus causing extra fat around your belly.”

With the above information you should now be able to start to take control of what happens with your belly fat and reduce the possibility of gaining any more in the future!



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