Using Home Remedies for Snoring

Home remedies for snoring
Home remedies for snoring

Some people may not realize that at some point or another over the years nearly everyone goes through a snoring stage!

Not only adults, but children, babies and even pets snore.

Snoring can affect us in a lot of ways even though we are asleep it can affect the quality of the sleep you are getting and cause you to be tired during the day.

In some cases it maybe so loud that the person you are sleeping with can’t get any sleep and kick you out of the bedroom!

This should not be happening and you need to try and find a real solution.

There are some natural remedies out there, however these will only work once the cause of the snoring is confirmed.

Lifestyle changes such as changing your sleeping position can help.

When the soft palate, uvula, tongue and tonsils rub against each other this is what creates the vibrating snoring sound.

It is most common that snoring will only happen when you lie on your back because your tongue falls back.

Sewing tennis balls to the back of your pajamas to stop you sleeping on your back is an old wives tale that some of you may find helpful!

If you are susceptible to sleeping on your back and this is what is causing you to snore then a simple solution will be to sleep on your side.

You can also try raising your pillows around 4 inches as this will reduce the blockade that is happening in the back of your throat.

If you find too high pillows uncomfortable, you could try putting a wedge under the mattress where your head lies in order to elevate your head.

This could also be more comfortable on your neck rather than using too many pillows.

Research has discovered that obesity is a definite aspect that causes snoring.

Not only does it create long term health problems, but the bulky tissue that is found around the neck of obese people increases the risk of snoring and reduces the quality of sleep that you get.

In order to reverse the effects on your health and stop snoring, you would need to lose around 10% of your body weight.

Taking sedatives and drinking alcohol will also cause you to snore as they suppress the drive to breathe.

Try to avoid these altogether or at least cut back in order to stop your snoring.

If you suffer from bad nasal congestion this is a common cause for snoring.

Ways to reduce your congestion could be to deep breathe steam through the nose just before you are going to bed and try using a Netti pot.

This works by putting saline water into the nasal sinuses in order to flush them out and clear your congestion.

Nasal strips are frequently used by athletes to increase their oxygen intake during heavy athletic activity, but there are also studies to show that these can help people stop snoring.

Singing is a technique that you can try as it helps exercise the muscles in your throat thus reducing your snoring as it allows your airways to stay open (try singing for at least 15 minutes every day.)

You can also try gargling just before you go to bed in order to clear your throat.

If you suffer from hay fever or other allergies this can also be a cause for snoring and a lot of people find that their snoring is worse throughout certain months of the year due to this.

“Using the correct treatment to get rid of your allergies should help with this.”

Keep an eye on your snoring and try some of these home remedies for snoring to help you, but If you have tried most of these techniques and none of them seem to be working, it could be that you have a more persistent physical problem and need to be looked over by a doctor.

But remember, do not ignore the issue and live with it, as lack of sleep has been linked with such things as heart disease and strokes!


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