Reasons Why You Should Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated

Losing weight can be really frustrating at times, although it is excellent for improving your health and helping you gain more self-confidence, everyone gets days where they feel it is a complete waste of time.

One tip that some people aren’t aware of that drinking plenty of water can help.

One study has shown that before breakfast, lunch and dinner, if you drink 2 8oz glasses it can help you lose and sustain your weight.

There haven’t been many studies to prove that drinking water helps you to lose weight, but this one proves what many nutritionists have believed for a while.

Why Does Water Help with Weight Loss?

The theory of drink more water and you will lose weight sounds a bit too good to be true doesn’t it?

The basic gist of how it works is this; if you drink water around 20 minutes before you are about to eat this is going to fill you up so your portion size is going to be a lot less and you won’t feel the need to overeat.

Water is also a very good thirst quencher and even though a can of coke might be more appealing, water will do the same job and help you stay hydrated.

“If you’re someone that drinks a lot of fizzy drinks or fruit juices every day, replacing just a couple with a glass of water will dramatically reduce your calorie intake.”

Some studies have also suggested that water is used to aid in weight loss as it speeds up the rate that people burn calories.

This maybe a very small amount of calories, but some is better than none! Drinking plenty of water is one of the easiest ways you can enhance your weight loss efforts it’s just some people do not realise the benefits!

Adding Water to Your Diet

The main thing to bear in mind when adding water to your diet is to remember that you do not want to increase the amount of water that you are drinking each day, instead use it as a replacement for the high calorie drinks and snacks that you would normally go for.

A lot of people find water has no taste and very bland, but if you add a slice of lime or lemon or even cucumber this will flavor the water and make it more appealing to drink.

If you have a glass of water every couple of hours you are less likely to go for sugary alternatives and as mentioned before will fill you up so you don’t feel like snacking.

Some other low calorie drinks are sparkling and mineral waters and also teas.

Another tip is to eat foods that contain quite a lot of water such as strawberries, grapefruit and watermelon. Watermelon is great as it is 92% water.

If you like cooking it is a good idea to make home-made soups, that way you can make it with mainly water and not broths that are high in sodium.

Additional Benefits to Staying Hydrated

Water is an amazing drink because it has so many benefits to the body.

It stops the body from feeling dehydrated which in turn makes you feel lethargic and drained. It boosts your immune systems and helps get rid of waste.

If you’re working out especially it is very important to stay hydrated. Your muscles will be thankful for this as they will be getting more oxygen and you will feel a lot more energized for your workout.

How Much Water Should I Drink Daily?

The simplest way to remember this is 8×8 ! Recommendations from the Institute of Medicine suggest we should drink 8 8oz glasses of water a day on average. (Although this is not set in stone for everyone and is not a number that is supported by evidence.)


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