Pet Owners Live Longer

pet owners live longer

One day you may well find your doctor prescribing getting a pet, because pet owners live longer.

Having a furry friend around the house brings not only joy and companionship but helps keep the health good.

When there’s a pet in the home, owners have lower blood pressure than people who don’t. The reason for this is because animals help to relieve stress by their loving attention, by their antics that make us laugh and by their faithful loyalty.

For those who have a dog as a pet, when you see the dog after an absence such as going to the store, they react with loving enthusiasm and receiving their love helps you feel good about yourself. They offer unconditional acceptance of who you are.

Most people who have a dog are also in better shape physically than those who don’t. Because dogs need to be walked regularly for their own health, pet owners will engage in daily walking and by doing so they keep their bodies trim and their heart healthy.

Keeping activity up helps to slow the aging process. Even people who have cats enjoy getting exercise by playing with their pet and some will walk a cat on a leash although this is not as common.

One of the reasons that people with pets live longer is because of the boost they give to the mental health.

Pets can help to keep loneliness at bay for young people who live alone and they can help bring comfort to empty nesters or provide comfort to people who’ve lost a spouse.

In fact, doctors will often recommend that elderly people get a pet and those that do find that it raises their mood and helps to keep depression at bay too. Those who have a pet often find that they sleep better at night, too.

Keeping a pet also presents numerous opportunities for social interaction. Walking a pet around a park can help break the ice and make friends out of strangers.

Studies show that engaging in routine social activities helps people to feel better and less alone. Keeping a dog around the house for people who live by themselves, can help calm fears about things that go bump in the night and makes people feel safer.

People with pets live longer because they interact with their pets verbally. They’ll talk to their pet when they need to share emotions or they’ll hug their pet and thus end up feeling better for having unloaded the burden.

 This unload lessens stress and the owner feels better physically for having this pet support system.


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