Do People that are Overweight Live Longer?

Overweight people

You might be amazed to learn that people who are overweight live longer.

Doesn’t that go against every bit of advice you’ve heard about keeping your weight at a healthy level? Yes it does, but think about the different sizes of people.

So why is it that you see just as many older people who are overweight as you do slim people?

Why is it that both types of people can live long lives?

Part of that could be the DNA found in your family. If you have good genes, then weight isn’t going to change that.

There is a difference between being overweight and being obese. Obesity pertains to people with an unhealthy percentage of body fat. You can be overweight and not have an unhealthy amount of body fat.

If you’ll search through paintings done throughout history, you’ll see that both the men and women portrayed were not perfectly slender. Yet, they were thought to be healthy and attractive.

Over time, society changed what was acceptable to weigh and as a result, many people fell prey to trying to find this vision of having a perfect body weight and are considered too thin.

Studies have been done on why those weighing more get extra years and the results were surprising.

They spend more time engaged in activities they enjoy and more than ever, they have a healthy perception of themselves unlike others weighing less who stress about how much food they eat, how their clothes fit, etc.

People who weigh more than society says they should often live life the way they want to and ignore what others think they should or shouldn’t do. As a result, they tend to be happier and more fulfilled and carry less stress.

The body can handle a lot of stress as long as you’re in a good place emotionally and overweight people tend to be able to handle rough situations easily. You can weigh more and yet still have a healthy blood glucose level.

Some people who have extra weight also have great cholesterol levels and aren’t prone to high blood pressure while their skinnier counterparts can battle all three. Being underweight actually puts you more at risk of dying young than being overweight does.

“Overweight people live longer once they get older because it’s thought that the fat stores somehow offer a protective element to the person’s body.”

If they already have diseases like diabetes, then it’s a hindrance, but all things being equal in health, extra pounds could help you live a longer life!



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