How to Get Fit Outdoors if You Live in the City

fitness in the city

Finding somewhere to exercise outdoors if you are living in a city can be somewhat of a challenge.

Generally, your best bet will be to try and locate your nearest park. Most of them have running/walking/biking paths to make your workouts less stressful.

To find a place close to you, go online to your city’s website and search out parks and recreation.

If you are new to a city, you might have a place close to you and not even know it.

While on the website, be sure to note the hours the trails and paths are open, amenities available and if they offer exercise classes or not.

If your park doesn’t have trails or paths to run on, run to the park and when there, opt for other types of exercise such as yoga, tricep dips on a park bench, squats, lunges and other exercises using just your body weight.

“For your cool down session, walk or jog back home.”

If you can’t locate a park close to you, see if you can find a residential neighborhood where you can walk or run. Not only will there be less traffic, but it most likely will be quieter and have better scenery, especially if it happens to be a historic place.

When running on city side walks, don’t stop running at the red lights. Jog on the spot, do some vertical push-up against the stop light pole … anything to keep moving while waiting for a walk light.

To add some intensity to your training, run as fast as you can from one stoplight to the next. A type of HIIT, if you will.

As far as safety, trust your instinct. If it doesn’t “feel” right, it most likely isn’t. Always carry a cell phone, ID and some money – just enough to cover you in case of an emergency.

Oh … and never run in isolated places by yourself or in the dark.

If you have a friend, see if that person wants to run with you. There is safety in numbers and it gives you someone to talk to.

When snow or ice covers your running area, it may be time to find an indoor facility. Join a gym or fitness center and take your workouts indoors during any harsh weather.

Not only will it give you a change of pace but will also reduce your risk of suffering an injury from slipping on the ice or snow.

“Just because you live in a city it doesn’t mean you can’t exercise outdoors; you just may have to adapt your training routine to your city environment. “


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