Home Remedies (Some Can Be Dangerous For You)

Home Remedies
Home Remedies

In most cases home remedies work and they are concoctions of herbs, plants and ingredients you are more than likely going to have in your cupboards.

They have been used for 100’s of years to cure or reduce the symptoms of certain illnesses.

However, there are some home remedies and homemade medications that you need to be aware of as they can do more damage than good!
1) Butter for Burns – A lot of people think that it will help to use butter as an ointment for burns but this is not the case as instead of cooling the burn it keeps the heat inside and actually increases the chance of an infection forming!

2) Paraffin (Kerosene) – This is believed to be a great method to make a child be sick! But if you force a child to consume paraffin this can damage their stomach and their lungs!

3) Castor Oil – Caster oil has long been used as a home remedy for constipation, however if you use this as a stimulant laxative regularly you can become reliant on it to encourage regular bowel movements and it can also damage your intestines.

4) Herbal Aphrodisiacs – Certain herbs such as Spanish Fly are not regulated meaning that you will never be aware how much you are taking in each supplement. If you take too many herbal remedies these can be harmful to your body.

5) Hydrogen Peroxide – A lot of people use this as an antiseptic and whilst it is very good for cleaning any wounds, the bacteria that is in the wound will not be killed as a result of using hydrogen peroxide, therefore it can eventually cause infection.

6) Apple Cider Vinegar – If you are going to use this as a home remedy (some people use it to promote weight loss) you need to be aware that it can ruin your tooth enamel if you do not brush your teeth every time you ingest it.

7) Syrup of Ipecac – If poison is ingested into the body this is something that is used to bring on vomiting. However, pediatricians now advise you to stop using this syrup and instead call your National Poison Centre instead.

8) Kerosene – This is a home remedy that is sometimes used to treat head lice by rubbing kerosene into a child’s head. This however is ineffective and can also be harmful to the child.

“Whilst a lot of home remedies work and are harmless, it is important to be aware of the ones that are very dangerous and don’t actually work.”

You should check with your doctor or pharmacist before trying any home or herbal remedy as mixed with other medical conditions and other prescriptions you could cause damage to yourself and your family or worse-case scenario even cause death.


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