Home Remedies for Sunburn (6 WAYS to STAY COOL)

Home remedies for sunburn


Sunburn is something that nearly all of us have experienced at some time or another in our lives and despite this we all seem to still go outside without applying sunscreen!

The media show us the necessity for sunscreen in order to reduce our risk of skin cancer and also to reduce the signs of aging!

Sunburn, if quite severe can last for days and can be very painful, so much so that we are unable to sleep and even sit in some cases!

If you are unlucky enough to get sunburn there are some things you can do at home to help with the pain.

6 Cool Home Remedies for Sunburn

1)  Mix a solution of half white vinegar and half water and spritz onto your skin to help relieve the burning. You may not like the smell but it will help with the burn. (Make sure you use white vinegar and not any apple or cider vinegars.) In severe cases you can even try 3 cups of white vinegar in a bath full of cool water and soaking in this for 15 minutes should really help and relieve you for a lot longer.

2)  Eucalyptus oil – Mix a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil with water and one egg white in a clean spray bottle and shake well until all of the contents are mixed together. The oil will stay mixed with the water due to the egg white. If you spray this mixture on your sunburn it will provide a cooling sensation which should help ease your pain.

3)  Tea – This is a home remedy that can be used for so many different things but if you brew 6 bags of tea in 2 cups of water and cool this in the refrigerator for a while, then spray onto your burned skin it will help soothe it. You can also soak in a bathtub filled with a few tea bags and it will have the same effect (just remember to use an old towel as tea stains!)

4)  Lemon Juice – In the olden days this used to be used by ladies who wanted to bleach their hair in the sun, but if you mix one quarter cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice with 2 cups of water and spray this on your sunburn, it is a great way to cool the skin. Avoid your eyes with this spray though as it will sting!

5)  One of the best known natural treatments for sunburn is Aloe plants. If you have an aloe plant in the house this is great as it is most natural, but if not you can buy bottles of aloe products that will do the job. These have long been known to help with the relief of sunburn.

6)  Cold whole milk is a natural remedy that you can use for sunburn. Soaking in a bath filled with water and a gallon of whole milk for 15-20 minutes will work, as well as soaking a cloth in whole milk and applying it to the burns for the same amount of time. Wash off with cold water and you should feel some relief from your sunburn.

The main points to remember is use products that are pH neutral like aloe, milk, tea, white vinegar.


“An important point to note when using home remedies for sunburn is, do not use anything that is acidic in case you have any blisters or open wounds from the burns because not only will this hurt like mad, it will slow down your healing process!”


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