Home Remedies for Constipation

Home remedies for constipation
Home remedies for constipation


Constipation is something that a lot of us suffer with and around one third of American adults suffer with constipation on a regular basis.

What we see on TV is right, when you’re constipated you feel “out of sorts” and most of us don’t feel comfortable telling friends and family when we are struggling with it!

“The main reason for developing constipation is due to not having enough water and fiber in your diet.”

Not getting enough exercise makes constipation more difficult as well as taking some prescription medications.

Walking is very good for your colon function as well as for your heart so even if you do not feel like it, around a 30 minute walk will really help your situation.

Drinking 6-8 glasses of water is essential at preventing constipation and the best way to make sure you drink this is to put aside a jug of that amount each day in the fridge.

That way you can keep an eye on exactly how much you have drunk. Although it sounds a lot if you space out the glasses during the day it really isn’t a lot.

Your body needs water to remove toxins from your body and to process waste products so don’t be thinking that cups of coffee and cans of coke will do the same job!

In the olden days constipation didn’t seem to be much of a problem as people worked hard out in the open air and ate a lot more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Nowadays we tend to be lazy and not get a lot of exercise and eat the wrong type of foods. Switching to a healthier lifestyle will help with constipation.

Eating high fiber foods such as root vegetables and fruits instead of takeaways that are loaded with sugars and fats will all help.

These are all things that will take time to change, however if you are suffering from constipation and need relief now one of the best things you can take will be herbal remedies.

Herbal laxatives have 2 purposes; the first is to add bulk or the second is to stimulate the bowels to remove bulk!

Herbal laxatives are very easy to become dependent on so you don’t want to use them for too many days a time the same with any other laxatives.

If you use them for too long you will find yourself dehydrated and can get some irritation of the muscles in the colon. You can also suffer from potassium depletion.

There are ways to ensure healthy bowel movement and you can do this by adding dried prunes and plums to your diet.

In some cases, drinking black cherry juice also works.

Eating marshmallows can help as they have substances that are lubricating and gentle on the colon and similarly drinking dandelion root tea has the same effects.

If you give all of these home remedies for constipation suggestions a try, at least a few of them are sure to work for you and you can forget buying any more over the counter laxatives.

“Remember that prevention is the best approach for constipation even if this means you have to change your diet and lifestyle it will be worth it.”



Constipation Natural Remedy

Figs & Flax Seeds

How The Remedy Works:

Constipation is a frustrating digestive disorder that makes it difficult to pass stools. This figs and flax seeds remedy helps to relieve constipation in the following ways:

1. Figs: Figs are a natural laxative. They also contain high levels of fiber which helps to clear waste materials out of your body and ease the passing of stools.

2. Flax Seeds: Flax seeds are rich in fiber and healthy fats which boost your digestive system and help waste materials pass through your body.

How To Prepare The Remedy

1. Blend 1 large dried fig and 1 tablespoon of flax seeds in a blender until it forms a thick paste and then consume this mixture.

2. Use this remedy up to 4 times per day until the constipation subsides.


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