Good Running Clothes Need Important Considerations

Running clothes


So we all want to look cool when we go out running don’t we?

But our running clothes must also serve a purpose.

The 3 main points to consider when looking at buying running clothes are 1) Function 2) Durability 3) Fashion.

You want to be comfortable when running in the summer, therefore go for clothes that offer support, materials that allow you to breathe well, not tight as you do not want chafing and also materials that will take the dampness away from your body.

A must for all women is a good running bra.

You may not know this but without adequate support the breast tissue can be stretched and once this happens it cannot be reversed.

The tendon that holds your breast in place cannot be repaired or replaced once damage is done, therefore a good running bra is essential.

A lot of men’s running shorts have an undergarment attached and not all men like this.

It can annoy you and also not offer you the support that you need when running.

Therefore, such things like an athletic supporter or a pair of briefs might do just the job and offer the extra support you need whilst running.

When running in winter the clothing you wear is very important.

If your sweat stays close to your body it will freeze to ice and cool your body down but this can be dangerous, more so on long distance runs.

You are therefore better off buying clothes that take moisture away from your body to avoid this happening.

A material used by a lot of skiers which does this exact job is gortex. A lot of running pants are also made of this to keep you warm and removing the sweat from your body.

Sometimes fashion will have to come second best especially in winter as it is important to buy clothes that are bright colours so that you stand out if running when it’s dark.

Also to stand out against the snow! Always make sure safety rules are followed and buy clothes that have extra zips and pockets for your mobile, keys etc.

Underneath your fashionable top layer of clothing you should have an under layer that starts the process of retracting moisture from your body.

This can look like any old thing, but should be made of materials such as Coolmax, Therminion, polyporpolene or Thermax.

Some may laugh at this but for men, an added layer of a woolen sock around the scrotum should be worn.

The body will automatically bring the scrotum closer to your body to keep the sperm producing cells, but extra protection is advised in winter months.

Special socks that keep your feet dry during cold months is also advised. A lot of sports stores will sell these.

Drying off your shoes after a wet run is important however make sure you do not use direct heat to achieve this.

I.E – heat from a dryer or direct sunlight could melt the glue that holds the soles together and you could find the shape of your shoe alter or your shoe may even fall apart.

One way to dry the interior quickly is fill them with paper towels (no colours) and change them every few hours. That will also help the shoe hold its shape.

Trail running shoes are perfect for winter as they were built for running in mud and snow.

Running in the cold can make you lose heat very quickly from your head.

A woolen hat or knit skull cap is a good idea to wear and can easily be tucked into your waistband in the event of overheating whilst running.

Something that may sound odd, but some runners use Vaseline to cover their face and nose during the cold months, some even use it on their eyelids!

It helps protect delicate skin from the freezing weather.

Another good tip is rub it between your legs to prevent chaffing and on in extreme weather on your eye lashes to avoid them freezing shut!

“Although it may cost you a little bit initially to purchase these running clothes, they will last you for several seasons, make you feel motivated and great when you wear them and they also serve a purpose so it is well worth it.”


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