Don’t Ignore Your Emotional Sexual Health Issues

Sexual health issues


Your sexual health issues can be impacted by a variety of topics.

Sometimes, what affects a man or woman sexually is directly related to the physical realm.

Hormonal imbalances or ill health can tie in to your feelings about sex as well as worries over your performance.

Pressures over the act of intimacy can affect you.

Body defining issues, such as fear about your weight or other flaws that you’re worried about, can cause sexual health problems.

 Insecurities and fears over pregnancy will also play a role in your sexual health.

Because sex is such an intimate act, it’s a time when you’re at your most vulnerable emotionally. One of the things you can do to improve your sexual health is to take the time to cultivate the relationship with your sexual partner.

For women, it’s been said that the greatest organ in the body when having sex is the mind. A satisfying sex life doesn’t start in the bedroom.

If you’re unsure of how your partner feels about you or if there are unresolved issues outside the bedroom, it can affect what goes on in the bedroom. There will be a disconnect that will lead to a frustrating intimate life. Sex was meant to be a connection physically, mentally and emotionally.

When any of those three components are out of whack, you’ll be missing out on what you need to have for the best sexual health. But one of the most common causes of problems in sexual relations is emotional in nature.

For either partner, dealing with stress outside the home, having to handle stress over the finances or feeling unappreciated can lead to a sense of disconnect.

When there are trust issues or emotional issues such as depression and it’s not dealt with, your sexual health will be affected.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can make sure you maintain your emotional sexual health. For starters, always connect with your partner before becoming intimate. What isn’t properly cultivated won’t grow into something amazing.

Communication between partners is the key to a successful sex life. Not having satisfying communication or having issues that aren’t resolved is one of the most common causes of problems in the bedroom that aren’t health related.

Spend time together. Work on affection and learn to talk openly and honestly about your sex life with your partner. When you talk to your partner about your feelings and what you want, you’ll discover that it’s helped your relationship to develop a closer bond.


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