Does It Take Long to Reverse Diabetes?

Reverse diabetes

You may have heard diabetes being called a progressive disease and this can make you think that there is no way to stop the disease.

This in fact is not true.

Although it is a progressive disease, if you fight back, not only could you reverse the condition but you may end up healthier than you have ever been before.

The main thing you need to remember is that you need to control the disease or the disease will control you.

When looking at reversing this there will be immediate and long term actions that will make a lot of difference.

The majority of people that have diabetes are overweight, therefore, you need to gain control over your lifestyle and this will give you immediate help in trying to reverse diabetes.

A healthier eating plan will benefit you straight away even if you do have a lot of weight that you need to lose.

The amount of medicines that you need to take will reduce if you are on pills to control your condition.

Eating healthier will mean you are able to control your glucose readings and enable you to stop taking your medication quicker.

Changing from eating high carbs to low carbs will enable faster results with reversing the disease and eating only healthy foods.

Avoid unsweetened tea, low calorie drinks and drink more water instead. Treat yourself every now and then to ‘bad’ treats and try not to drink sugary calorific drinks.

Instead of eating white flour foods eat wheat flour foods. When having meals, make sure that two thirds of your plate are vegetables and fruit and fill the remaining with protein.

It wont be long before you will see good results in your blood sugar.

It has been known for people to reduce their diagnosis of diabetes within weeks, it just depends on how much weight you lose, for some it has happening in days and even hours.

For other people it can take months; however what you must bear in mind to stay positive is that you will notice your A1c numbers reducing straight away.

“It is very achievable to go from a reading of nearly 9 to a normal A1c by simply regimenting what you eat.”

It is possible to reverse your diabetes diagnosis within 3 months as the A1c numbers are based on averages over a 3 month period. It is also possible to improve how sensitive your cells are to insulin in 7-10 days which is almost instantaneously.


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