Are Doctors as Helpful as Diet Companies?

doctor talking about diet companies

With the convenience of fast food and more entertainment options that offer sitting, it’s no wonder that more people than ever before are fighting a battle of the bulge.

If you’ve ever been on that diet merry go round, then you know first-hand what a tough battle it can be. What you might not know is that your physician isn’t as helpful in your quest to shed pounds as diet companies are.

The pressure is on to lose weight, but not just for the sake of looking good and being able to find clothes in a smaller size – although that is a nice benefit.

The pressure to lose weight comes from that internal voice knowing that your health suffers for every extra pound that you carry around, especially if that weight is on the abdominal area.

If you’ve been going to your doctor for help with you following a weight loss plan and getting your weight loss services through your local physician’s office, you might want to stop and consider the alternative.

Recent studies in the British Medical Journal show that a diet company such as Weight Watchers was more effective overall in helping participants shed the extra weight than the family doctor is.

Among the reasons for the success of diet companies in helping people lose weight (and keep it off) could be the focus of a weekly commitment, including weigh ins.

That makes it easier to see smaller goals reached in a consistent manner.

Not only that, but many commercial weight loss businesses focus on weekly training.

People who participate in the program have access to the latest nutrition information, including tips on how to make food look and taste more appealing without the addition of more calories.

The emphasis is on a slow, healthy weight loss (which leads to more people keeping it off long term) rather than a short, fast weight loss program.

Other emphasis also includes the support and encouragement of like-minded people, rather than going it alone by using a weight loss system presented by a doctor.

Many studies have shown that losing weight is easier when there’s support of others involved.

While your family doctor might mean well, his or her primary area of expertise is health and not weight loss (like it is with commercial diet companies).

Not only are weight loss efforts handled through the family doctor not as successful, but they end up costing a lot more, too.

  Does this mean you shouldn’t seek the advice of your doctor before starting a weight loss program?

No – you still need to make sure your body is in a healthy position to begin an exercise and diet program, but make the choice yours when it comes to what’s effective.


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