What is Cognitive Decline and Can You Prevent it?

What is Cognitive Decline

Have you ever noticed that you are just not quite as quick or sharp as you were when you were a bit younger?

Can you remember experiences from decades ago with crystal clarity, but you have a hard time recalling events from the past week?

If so, you may be experiencing a common aging condition encountered by both men and women.

If you are starting to suffer from cognitive decline due to aging, you are experiencing what the medical community calls a natural growth process.

As you get older, your ability to think and make judgements begins to weaken to some degree. That is the finding of the Mayo Clinic, the Oxford Journal of Medicine and Health and most other recognized health and wellness organizations around the world.

Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)

The experience is different for everyone, and experts admit that the true determining factors that dictate your level of an age-related lessening in brainpower are not fully understood.

Most mental capacities are healthy and well maintained even into old age. But from even the earliest stages of adulthood, it is natural for you to experience declines in thought processing speed, memory and reasoning.

That belief is felt throughout the medical community. However, you could also suffer from what is known as mild cognitive impairment (MCI).

Your cognitive abilities, memory and thinking skills show noticeable measures of decline that either you or others are aware of.

They are usually not severe enough to interfere with your ability to live life or function independently.

“The Alzheimer’s Organization in the US has reported that long-term research shows that at least 10% to 20% of people aged 65 and older might be suffering from MCI.”

In some individuals, MCI can be caused by a lack of physical exercise, poor nutrition and diet, or also by a lack of “mental exercise” on a regular basis.

It is also true that mild cognitive impairment greater than the naturally accepted level can sometimes be a precursor for Alzheimer’s and dementia.

But many suffering from MCI never see their cognitive decline become substantially worse or better. And the process can begin in your 50s, 60s or 70s, with some men and women living their entire life with no appreciable level of mental deficiency present as they age.

Preventing Cognitive Decline

Since some level of decline in mental capacity is considered part of the normal aging process, the big question on your mind right now is probably, “What can I do about it? Can cognitive decline be prevented, and if so, how?”

The short answer is that, yes, a decline in mental functioning that seems to be a part of the human experience can be halted, and sometimes even reversed.

There are nutritional, mental and physical changes you can make and actions you can take starting today to ensure that you are as sharp and mentally clear as is genetically possible.

Your genes and hereditary profile to some extent will dictate your mental ability, throughout all stages of your life.

But even so, exciting research shows that you can take an active part in improving how well your mind works.

In this hands-on guide you are going to learn exactly what you can do to decrease your risk of contracting the debilitating disease of Alzheimer’s.

You are going to learn exactly how nutrition plays a part in how your mind works. You are going to find out just which vitamins and minerals you should be getting more of to help your brain operate at a very high level.

We will also reveal some brain sharpening exercises you can use at any age to improve your mental capacity.

The link between social activities and healthy mental processes is discussed. And finally, the incredible role of exercise and physical movement on mental health is also covered.

Are you ready to start taking a responsible and active part in your own mental health and clarity?

You can do so at any age, if you are a man or a woman, no matter where you live in the world.

“To begin benefiting from how your mind reacts to nutrition, diet, physical and mental exercise and the social experience, keep reading information about how to limit your chances of developing Alzheimer’s.”


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