Could Anti Aging Be Solved by Eating Your Water?

Drink water

The cells within your body are the pathways that can lead you to a longer life, and until recently, it was a puzzle as to how the cells could help with anti aging.

Then a book, written by Dr. Howard Murad, unlocked the puzzle of anti aging in a surprisingly easy way.

His answer to anti aging was a myth buster embraced by people from all walks of life. That answer was found by eating (rather than drinking) the water that your body needs for its best health and to look younger.

The principle he brought to light is simple to grasp. Water is essential to life, but it’s not essential that the water needed by the body be consumed by drinking the commonly recommended 6-8 glasses of water a day.

Instead, Dr. Murad shows how by eating the right foods, not only does the body get the water it needs, but gets it in such a way that it’s absorbed where it needs to go to slow aging in the body’s cells.

When you consume your daily allotment of water through drinking it, you sweat it out when you exercise, the sweat evaporates and you also eliminate the water you drank when you go to the bathroom.

You don’t really retain much of that 6-8 glasses of water. However, if you get your water through food, you do retain it because your cells can hang onto absorbed water longer. When this happens, the cells promote better health from the inside (organs and tissue) to the outside (the skin).

The best part of this? It’s all natural and found in the foods that you can easily and inexpensively buy. Foods that are considered hydrating foods have a lot of water retention.

Take cucumbers for example. They’re almost 100% water, plus they have added health benefits like vitamins. Lettuce is another almost all water food and because it has Vitamin A and folic acid, it’s doubly good for the body.

Fruits like watermelon (over 80% water), and other colorful fruits like strawberries have the added appeal of being nutritious and helping give the body the anti aging power of eating water.

You should know that when preparing any fruit or vegetable for consumption, the closer it is to its natural state, the more water absorption it will give your cells.

Foods that have been cooked or processed don’t have the same vitamin impact or water, so it’s always best to eat the food the way nature produced it.


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