5 Weight Loss Short Cuts That are a Danger to Your Health

Weight Loss Shortcuts


Don’t Fall for all the Hype!

It’s a shame that a lot of us live in a society that is not only lazy, but also bombards us with products, tips and tricks that are being hyped up for their short cut methods, telling us how easy it is to lose weight.

It could be a new fad diet plan such as the grapefruit diet that crops up in popularity every so many years.

Or starvation diets, that are practised quite often, but a dangerous and not very intelligent route to take.

New brides to be, try to trim down their weight by 10 or 20 pounds with their big day only weeks away often eating almost nothing in an attempt to squeeze into their wedding dresses.

There are all kinds of fitness shortcuts that have mysteriously been around for many decades.

Some say that they guarantee you can be lazy, eat food that is bad for you, never exercise and still lose weight.

If you start to get the warning bells going off in your head every time you hear some weight loss shortcut that seems to be “just too good to be true”, then good for you and give yourself a pat on the back.

Initially some weight loss shortcuts can trim a few pounds off of you.

But due to the fact that they are so far removed from any sensible nutrition and fitness requirements they can actually produce dangerous and even deadly side effects.

And in just about every one of these cases, the person hoping to lose the weight by following these unsuccessful shortcuts, actually piles it all back on, along with a few extra pounds instead of losing it.

By sticking to a healthy lifestyle where you are getting proper nutrition along with some regular physical activity, you will always be able to regulate and maintain a healthy body weight.

Do yourself a big favor and stay away from the following unsuccessful and also unhealthy weight loss shortcuts, that never really work in the long run.

Don’t Starve Yourself

starving yourself for weight lossOut of all the weight loss shortcuts that people try, starvation is not only the most common but also the most dangerous.

We all know that food is the fuel that is needed to not only grow, but also for our bodies to continue operating in a healthy and natural state.

Cutting out food is not going to cause you to lose weight, unless of course you just stop eating it all together, which it that case it will just make you sick and you will shrivel up and die.

Look consider this for a second, your vehicle has to have its fuel to run. We all know it needs oil, transmission fluid and other liquids and fluids to operate properly.

Would you ever think about removing all of the oils and fuel out of your vehicle and then try to use it normally?

Of course you wouldn’t.

Because you realize that apart from the fact that your car or truck would just not run, it would more than likely totally break down or even blow up.

This is more or less the result you are going to get if you decide to starve yourself to lose weight.

Ok maybe in the first few days of starvation you will see a few pounds drop off, then after a while the problems will appear.

Initially your body will stop working as it should, you will become lethargic and lose all of your energy.

Then you could start to develop issues such as:

Mental disorders, skin conditions, heart problems, issues with your digestive system and literally dozens of other health problems that can begin to appear.

You also have the fat gain factor to think about as well.

Because of the way our bodies are made, when our brains recognize that we are in starvation mode they begin to store fat.

This is why diets that reduce your food drastically never work, and usually end up making you pile weight on.

Your body craves enzymes, minerals and nutrients and you can begin overeating.

This is due to the fact that your body yearns for the calories and carbohydrates it has been missing, and you end up putting on weight that leaves you heavier than when you started.

You have to agree that starvation is not only unnatural it just doesn’t make sense for loads of reasons.


Using Laxatives to Drop the Weight

Using laxatives for weight lossThe belief that comes with this method is that laxatives can be used to cleanse your body.

This comes mainly from people that say that using them can remove carbs and excess calories from your body by making them pass right through you.

Ok, on the surface that idea might or could be made to sound a little sensible, but does it hold water when we take a closer look?

With a little closer inspection of the science of how laxatives really work, we begin to see the problem unfold.

When you eat your body incorporates the calories very quickly.

They hit your bloodstream not all that long after swallowing the food.

So by the time any laxatives would be taking effect, your calories are already going about doing what they do naturally.

Not only that the laxatives only remove water weight from your body.

By using this method of trying to shed your excess weight you can end up becoming extremely dehydrated.

This can then lead to dizziness, hallucinations, renal failure and even irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Ok again like starving yourself you may start off by dropping a few pounds rather quickly, but this is an extremely unhealthy way that will not allow you to keep the weight away over a period of time.

Not only that, your body will begin craving the water you have stopped it from having, and you will need to replace it again, along with the additional weight that come with it.

Taking Pills and Supplements the Wrong Way

pills and supplements for weight lossAlthough there are healthy natural supplements, powders and pills that can help you lose weight and keep it off.

Unfortunately for us for every healthy supplemental weight loss product available, there are tons of ineffective and even dangerous options being touted about.

All of the proper pills and supplements that can help in weight loss and regulation are designed to be taken as part of a healthy nutrition plan with sensible physical activity and exercise.

The issue today is that we live in a “I want it right now” world.

In general most people are lazy, and like to look for a quick simple option.

Even if something is easy to do, such as the recommended 3 to 5 sessions each week of just 20 minutes of working out, it is often times simpler just not to bother.

Pair up the desire towards being lazy with the imaginary weight loss shortcuts that you heard about from your best friend’s neighbor’s physical trainer, and there you have a complete recipe for disaster.

The majority of the fitness supplements that boast weight loss claims of 20 and 30 pounds in 30 days or less are loaded up with caffeine.

In some cases you might even find the chemical equivalent of speed is also present.

Your metabolism is jacked up to a really unhealthy level, and so is your heart rate.

Look, any supplement, powder or pill that tells you it’s going to burn off fat and weight without any physically active effort on your part should be avoided like the plague.


Bulimia for weight lossBulimia, is an eating disorder characterized by binge eating followed by purging which is basically finding a way to get the food back out of your body unnaturally.

The term binge eating refers to eating a large amount of food in a short period of time.

A person with bulimia might eat in excess of 2,000 calories in one sitting and then bring it all back up again by inducing vomiting.

Vomiting, however, is not the only method of getting the food out of the body.

Extreme exercise, using laxatives or enemas, fasting or a combination of all these methods are common alternatives to vomiting for someone with bulimia.

There are a lot of people that turn to bulimia as a way to try and control their weight, or simply do it as a way to quickly lose weight.

Resorting to bulimia for weight loss can be extremely dangerous.

Resulting in problems such as:

Cardiovascular problems: Electrolyte imbalances because of the vomiting can lead to heart muscle disorders and irregular heart rhythms.

Teeth and gum problems: Constant vomiting brings up an excess of stomach acid over teeth and gums, his can cause a permanent loss of essential dental enamel.

Throat and mouth Issues: Regular vomiting can cause sores to develop in your mouth or throat because of stomach acid irritation.

Lowered Levels of potassium. The continuous vomiting tends to dehydrate your body and lower the level of potassium in your blood. This could cause weakness and irregular heart rhythms.

Digestive problems, Psychological Problems and much more including depression, anxiety andlow self-esteem.

This is an extremely stupid way to try and lose weight and it is fatal a high percent of the time.

The bulimia can also backfire and make you gain weight.

Yes you can throw up your meal straight after you have eaten it, but you won’t get rid of all of it.

Studies have shown that only around 50% of the calories that you eat will come back up.

So by eating big meals and then getting rid of just half of the calories each time, it could in the long term actually make you fatter.


Switching to Non Fat Foods

How many times do we need to be told, our body needs to have fat to function properly, but of course it can’t just be any old fat.

It needs to be a good fat like the ones we find in olive oil, coconut oil, walnuts, almonds and fish such as salmon and mackerel.

Trans fats and Saturated are definitely not needed in your body, but when you try to eat nothing but fat free foods, you send the wrong message straight to your brain.

Back when our human ancestors were evolving, getting hold of food everyday was not exactly one of the easiest of things to do.

But when they did they ate as much of it as they could, and their bodies stored the excess fat away for those periods of time when no food was going to be readily available.

Fast forward a few years and we find that we haven’t really evolved that much since then, and your body works in much the same way.

When your brain works out that you are not consuming any fat, it begins to convert things like sugar to fat and starts to hoard it.

By just eating an entirely fat-free diet you are almost guaranteeing yourself a route to multiple health problems, as well as packing on a few extra pounds in the process.

Fat Free foods for weight lossThe reason for this is because when you see the phrases “fat-free” or “100% no fat” something had to have been added to enhance the flavor when that fat was taken away.

This usually comes in the form of loads of unhealthy sugar or chemical sweeteners that are made in a lab.

These immediately turn to fat in your body, which is why you see people that drink fat free diet drinks and sports drinks for years are still unable to lose weight, and in a lot of instances are actually gaining it.

It doesn’t have to be Like That

Fortunately for you, there is a weight loss shortcut that will naturally drop your weight until you reach your personal, healthy weight.

And the added bonus is, it can deliver tons of energy, a lean, muscular and toned body, your brain will work better than ever before, and you will find yourself happier, and more productive and successful in just about every area of your life.

Want to know what it is, this miracle shortcut for weight loss and so many health benefits?

It’s quite simple, stop putting a load of old garbage into your body.

We all know by now that fast food, simple carbs, processed foods, refined sugar and salt are real killers.

You also probably know that fruits, vegetables and whole grains make for a super healthy body, which automatically and effortlessly regulates your perfect body weight.

In recent years, scientists have discovered that 60% to 70% of your level of physical fitness is determined entirely by what you eat and drink.

This is possibly why you may have been working out like a fanatic, and still not getting on top of your weight loss goals.

In a nutshell you are simply just eating the wrong things.

Start eating a bit smarter, get yourself more physically active whenever you can, and steer clear of the 5 dangerous and ineffective weight loss shortcuts that I have listed above for you.