5 Tips for Safer Outdoor Running

safe outdoor running

When you are running outdoors it can sometimes be a little tricky.

That’s because your chances of injury increase when you leave the safe confines of an indoor running experience.

This is one of the main reasons why treadmills and elliptical trainers were initially invented.

However, running outdoors has been shown to improve your mood, lower your stress level, boost vitamin D production and offer a better overall experience than running the same distance indoors.

Practice the following tips any time you run outside, and you can reap all the outdoor benefits without experiencing any of the negatives.

Make Sure You Are Visible

Being visible to drivers, cyclists and pedestrians at night is extremely important. But just because you are running during daytime hours doesn’t mean you should be any less noticeable.

You can dress for visibility and fashion at the same time, ensuring that you limit your chances of injury because someone didn’t see you. Brightly colored clothes and reflective tape get the job done admirably.

Run at Night in Groups

Your schedule may mean that you have to run at night. If so, get in touch with other runners and head out together.

Remember, there is safety in numbers. Most major cities have multiple running clubs and organizations, and Running. Meetup.com helps you find like-minded runners just about anywhere.

Make Sure You Stay Alert

Whenever you go for your run outdoors, day or night, you need to practice excellent situational awareness. The majority of injuries suffered by outdoor runners happen because the runner was more concerned about finding the right song on his or her MP3 Player rather than with staying aware of their surroundings.

Always keep an eye out for possible terrain or environmental issues, and leave the music for indoor running.

Don’t Make Assumptions

OK just because you have run the same course thousands of times, this doesn’t mean that something hasn’t changed.

This also means not assuming that drivers can see you, or will do the right thing even when they do see you.

Even if you are on a dedicated running and biking path, that does not necessarily mean cyclists and other runners understand proper path etiquette. Don’t assume anything.

Carry Some Cash and an Automated Cash Card

So why would you need an automated cash machine card and cash to run safely outdoors?

Consider these points. If you are out running while travelling or on vacation, what happens if you get lost?

What if the weather takes a turn for the worse, or a minor injury you just picked up gets worse?

“Having some cash and an ATM card on you when you are running outdoors will mean always being able to pay for a cab or a taxi if you need one.”

This also ensures that you can stop for an energy drink, bottled water, first aid supplies or food if the need should arise.


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