5 Foods With Hidden Sugar You Should be Avoiding



fruit youhurtYogurt

Most yoghurts have some sugar because of the natural sugar lactose that is present in the milk.

Fruit yoghurts are what you need to look out for because these have a lot of added sugar.

Greek yoghurt is by far the best for you and if you pick the right one, it can taste like you are eating cream without eating all the calories!

The best way to keep track on how much sugar you are eating is to start looking at nutritional labels.

Here are some of the most popular names to look out for on the labels to identify sugars: turbindo sugar, beet sugar, confectioner’s sugar, brown sugar, white sugar, corn syrup, dextrin, honey, maple syrup, raw sugar, cane sugar, invert sugar, evaporated cane juice, malt and corn sweeteners.



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