40 Winks Can Have You Looking Younger

Looking younger

We have all seen tons of these ad’s, billboards, T.V commercials etc, that state they can make you look 10 years younger and feel 10 years younger.

But why do we fall for it? So many people are happy to spend fortunes on products that they think is going to take years off them, when really all you need is a good night’s sleep!

There is no need to look any further than a good night’s rest.

It’s a no brainer that a healthy person looks younger than a sick person.

This is because when you are ill you can look old and worn down.

“Getting lots of sleep helps you to stay looking young and healthy because it boosts your immune system.”

A huge down side of not enough sleep is that your immune system is severely compromised.

Getting lots of sleep means your body is at its healthiest.

When you get a deep sleep (stage 4) it helps renew the cells of our bodily organs and allows them to function properly and for your body to work to its full potential.

You may not realise it, but if your body parts do not work properly, this will have an effect on your physical appearance.

Even if you are not ill, and you don’t get enough sleep, you won’t feel as healthy as you would if you have a good sleep the night before.

So we now know that a deep sleep keeps your organs in tip top condition and helps renew your organ tissue, but did you know that your body’s largest organ is your skin?

And we all know that your skin determines how old you look.

Therefore, a good sleep leaves your skin looking younger because in the time that you are asleep, it gets rid of dead skin cells and replaces them with fresh and beautiful new ones.

Meaning that you wake up with your skin looking younger and you feeling younger!

You may have noticed that when you are feeling low or in a bad mood you don’t feel like you look as good.

This is because how you feel inside will reflect on how you look on the outside.

If you have had a great sleep and are well rested you feel younger within yourself which means you look younger.

The amount of sleep that each person needs to keep them looking and feeling younger varies between person to person.

In general, 8 hours sleep per night is sufficient, but some people are able to function just fine on less than this and some people need more.

If you need an alarm clock to get yourself up or when you get up you are still feeling tired, then you have not had enough sleep.

If you are getting a lot of sleep each night and you still wake up feeling tired, there could be an underlying issue and you should see your doctor.

“So, if you want to feel refreshed and looking younger, just get yourself back into bed! “



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