4 Home Workout Routines for Older Adults

home workout routines
home workout routines

High impact exercises probably won’t work for older adults that have arthritic and stiff joints.

Though some of these exercises are done outside, we refer to the as home workouts because you don’t have to go and join an expansive gym to do them.

Exercise is extremely important even as we start to get older, so it is essential to continue to do low impact/no impact exercises to keep us healthy.

Here are 4 of the best home workout routines to do as you get older:

Water Aerobics

This is considered the best exercise you can do as you are getting cardio exercise and also strength building.

Because of the natural resistance of the water, you are getting a full body workout that is not harsh on any of your joints.

If you can and weather permitting, try and exercise in an outdoor swimming pool as you will also get your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin D (5-10 mins of sun exposure.)


Cycling is great to work out your lower body. It can be outdoors or even on a stationary bike, but try and cover different terrains to get the best results out of your cycle.

Elliptical Trainer

Although these can be expensive to purchase brand new, if you shop around you may pick a second hand one up quite cheaply in say a local charity shop or even on ebay.

This will work both your upper and lower body but it will not be as harsh on your joints as a treadmill as you do not get the constant pounding of walking or running.

You can vary the resistance to suit you and ensure you get a good enough workout for you.


Yoga improves the range-of-motion in your joints as it increases the flexibility in them. You will notice a reduction in stiffness and pain if you take up yoga.

It also has great benefits of increased breathing capacity and a more positive outlook on life due to the meditation side of yoga.

As there are many different types of yoga classes, it is important to pick one that is suitable for your physical ability.

Aside from the elliptical trainer, the rest of these home workout routines can be done outside so you can get your daily dose of Vitamin D and fresh air.

If the weather is bad, complete the exercises indoors, simply take a supplement to get your daily dose of Vitamin D.

This is a very important vitamin to have, as without it your body will be unable to make use of the calcium you take in every day which could put you at risk of osteoporosis through the loss of bone density.


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