10 Bodybuilding Tips for More Muscle and Strength

Bodybuilding tips

Strength training and bodybuilding are fitness programs designed to help you develop a large muscle mass.

This is quite different from strength training that is designed to get you to build lean muscle mass.

The main difference in these two methods basically boils down to the amount of weight, number of repetitions and the number of sets that are done.

Bodybuilding programs build muscle. Muscle builds strength, self-confidence and a calorie burning machine that works even while you’re asleep.

Muscle is essential to reducing your risk of osteoporosis, improving balance and reducing the risk of fall or injury.

But starting a bodybuilding program without guidance or a trainer can increase your risk of injury, boredom or lack of appropriate muscle growth.

Just before starting or increasing your program there are few things that you need to take into consideration.

1. Building large muscle mass is a combination of diet and exercise.

With just an increase in calories you’ll build nothing but fat, with just exercise you’ll build muscle but those muscles will not grow.

2. Muscles can be built using free weights, machines or resistance bands.

Those who are advocates of free weights don’t believe that machines can do the trick and those who use machines to stabilize the movement of weight through range of motion say that you can lift heavier weights without the increased risk of injury.

Those who advocate the use of free weights say that the free weights work more muscle as your body works to stabilize the weight you’re lifting. The truth is that done correctly, you can grow strong, large muscle with any of the three.

3. Your body needs protein to build strong muscle.

Your muscles are made up primarily of protein and to build large, strong muscle your body needs protein. Watch your protein intake with both food and protein supplements.

4. A beginner will always add muscle more quickly than someone who already has been weightlifting. Keep an eye on the program you’ve been using and make changes slowly to reduce your risk of injury.

Patience! If you keep working, your muscles will keep growing.

5. Don’t compare yourself to others. We are all individuals and grow at different rates. Don’t get into comparison, but instead compare your results against yourself. YOU are the only one you are competing against.

6. Rest and sleep are integral parts of your training. You might think that muscle grows with only diet and exercise, but your body needs rest to recover between sets. While lifting weights your muscles undergo micro-tears in the muscle.

While resting your muscles repair those tears and the muscle becomes stronger and larger during the repair. Without sleep you increase your risk of injury and reduce your potential for growth.

7. Sleep deprivation will also negatively affect hormones necessary to build large and strong muscle. If you don’t get enough sleep the body produces too much cortisol which triggers the production of belly fat.

Lack of sleep will also reduce testosterone and growth hormone, both responsible for muscle growth.

8. Intense exercise will produce intense results. Lacklustre exercise will produce lacklustre results. Don’t exercise to the point of pain but do exercise intensely.

9. Never lift everyday. Put at least 48 hours between your lifting programs to allow the muscles to repair themselves. You will increase your risk of injury by lifting daily and you’ll significantly reduce your results.

10. Go heavy to build muscle mass and light to burn fat. As a bodybuilder you’ll need both types of strength training to maximize your results.



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